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Got some interior wood to finish? Read Steve’s four steps to success and you’ll have a pretty good shot at getting a really smooth, professional-grade results.


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The government wants to help you insulate your home, but how do you make it happen? Let Steve show you how to find out exactly what grants and free money is available for home energy upgrades in Canada.


Get three times as much heat as you pay for. It’s possible. Check out Steve’s blog on how you can make it happen at your house.


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Enter Steve’s floor finish giveaway and get your house floors looking great this winter. Three prizes of $300 each are up for grabs.


What would it be like if your main reading material was one monthly newspaper? Read Steve’s account of a tiny publication that serves people who choose to live differently in most ways, including the information they choose to take in.


Doing your own repairs and building your own things is about much more than saving money. It’s also about making your life better. Read Steve’s take on how this unfolded at his own place.


Have you ever been on a workshop date? Let Steve tell you about the workshop dates that he and his wife Mary do, and what they’ve made together on their last one.

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I’m not sure how my conversation about the $250,000 mortgage came up, but it got me thinking about two very different ways that people live …