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Have you ever tried to finish interior wood and ended up unhappy with the result? Change all that by watching the interior wood finishing video right here. Simple techniques with simple supplies are all you need.


This simple, tool-free caulking technique will change the way you apply sealants forever – get professional results EVEN IF YOU’VE NEVER APPLIED CAULKING BEFORE! Watch until the end of this video to see how it’s done.

spade_bit_sharpening3 copy

Keep your spade bits sharp with this simple sharpening routine and you won’t have delay those building projects because of a dull bit.


Do you have an old wooden deck that needs a facelift? Steve offers insights on how to get your old deck looking it’s best. The challenges are different than with new decks, and so are the solutions.


Need a workbench? Save money, build your own and get a great bench with plans by Steve. 35-year track record on this design proves it’s good. Sign up below and download the plans package for free.

Insulating a Cabin Roof and Floor

In this video, watch Steve explain how to insulate a cabin roof from the top, leaving the rafters and roof boards visible from inside.


Got mold? Learn to get rid of it without toxins using Steve’s video-enhanced ebook Mold Buster: How to Fight Mold and Win. Advice on fixing moldy bathroom ceilings, windows, attics, basements – even lessons on removing outdoor mold stains. Videos right in the book make it easier to learn.

The 3M And Black + Decker wallmaster sweepstakes

The Wallmaster sweepstakes from 3M & Black + Decker has come to an end and it’s time to announce the winners. Over 19,483 entries were …


Do you love the look of slate roofing, but the cost is just too high? Enviroslate is a Canadian made slate roof substitute that makes even sticklers for authenticity look twice.