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Got household mold? Lot’s of people do and they keep asking for advice on how to deal with it. Check out Steve’s four-step process for eliminating mold once and for all, and a two-for-one deal that makes the whole job cost less.


Read about Steve’s experiences using a simple, new method for staining and sealing wood.

3M Pro Grade Disk Package

Steve Maxwell reviews 3M’s Pro-Grade abrasives and explains why it is important to sand your wood surfaces before painting or staining for the best end results.


Watch an 8 minute tour of the garden Steve and his wife Mary keep on Manitoulin Island. Learn three gardening lessons they find helps make things beautiful.


Steve Maxwell reviews ScotchBlue Exterior Painter Tape and reveals how easy it is to make your outdoor painting projects look as great as your indoor ones.


Editor’s Note: Jon Labelle is a home improvement expert and this is his first guest blog here at – Be sure to check him …


Have you ever tried to finish interior wood and ended up unhappy with the result? Change all that by watching the interior wood finishing video right here. Simple techniques with simple supplies are all you need.


This simple, tool-free caulking technique will change the way you apply sealants forever – get professional results EVEN IF YOU’VE NEVER APPLIED CAULKING BEFORE! Watch until the end of this video to see how it’s done.

spade_bit_sharpening3 copy

Keep your spade bits sharp with this simple sharpening routine and you won’t have delay those building projects because of a dull bit.