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lead safe paint stripping

Got old paint to remove? It’s probably got lead. Read Steve’s three-step paint stripping process that will get the job done safely.


Insulation R values seem straight forward enough. The bigger the number, the better the insulation, right? Not really. Not even close. Let Steve show you why insulation R values are misleading, and what you can do about it.


Do you dream of building your own cabin or tiny house? Need plans and hands-on construction help with videos? Download a free preview of Steve’s cabin building course – Cozy Cabin. It’s the next best thing to having Steve work side-by-side with you on your site.


Watch Steve’s skylight installation video and see why leaks are nothing to worry about. Light, fresh air and remote and automatic operation make skylights easy to live with. They even close automatically after the first drops of rain. See for yourself right here.


Planning to finish your basement? Don’t make the mistake so many homeowners and contractors do. Steve’s video shows how to discourage mold, mildew and mustiness by design.

Bright and Large 8" display makes the Dayclox Digital Face one of the largest on the market

The large display face on this unique digital time clocks make time and date easy to read and see. It’s especially useful to ease the anxiety of people with age-related disabilities and dementia.


Watch Steve’s quick video on how to cut and install fancy cedar sidewall shingles as an artistic accent to any exterior siding installation.


Got a building where vinyl siding just wouldn’t look right? Cedar shingles used as exterior siding is an excellent option. Watch Steve show how to create back-of-shingle drainage to boost working life even more.


Most bathroom ceilings get moldy after a while, but fixing this problem involves more than just adding a coat of paint. If you do only …


Check out Steve’s list of mold control product numbers from various suppliers across North America. No need to rely on store clerks to find products they don’t know exist. Just give them the number if they’re baffled – and they often are!