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Got mold? Learn to get rid of it without toxins using Steve’s video-enhanced ebook Mold Buster: How to Fight Mold and Win. Advice on fixing moldy bathroom ceilings, windows, attics, basements – even lessons on removing outdoor mold stains. Videos right in the book make it easier to learn.

The 3M And Black + Decker wallmaster sweepstakes

The Wallmaster sweepstakes from 3M & Black + Decker has come to an end and it’s time to announce the winners. Over 19,483 entries were …


Do you love the look of slate roofing, but the cost is just too high? Enviroslate is a Canadian made slate roof substitute that makes even sticklers for authenticity look twice.

Garden Tour Thumbnail

Watch a 5 minute video of Steve’s Manitoulin Island garden. It’s June now, and there’s lots to see and hear and smell.

Eavestrough Thumbnail

Watch this one minute video and see how Steve explains a simple option to stop water from leaking behind eavestrough. It’s an easy fix.

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Got bathroom ceiling mold? Watch Steve Maxwell’s video on how to get rid of mold on bathroom ceilings for the long haul. Great looking results that resist future mold regrowth for a long time.


Spring and summer isn’t just a time for planting flowers, bringing out the patio furniture and enjoying long-awaited sunshine. It’s also the busiest time of the year for house hunting. Guest blogger Dave Walton offers real-world tips for making your next home energy efficient, and comfortable, too.


Steve explains what features to look for in your power tools and which ones are a must have for any workshop because the better your tools are the productive and successful you’ll be.


Keep your yard neat and your neighbors happy with yard tools powered by a lithium battery. You no longer need the power of gasoline to prune back that growth.


Do you love the look of bright wood on your deck but don’t know how to get rid of the grey colour? Steve shows us how to brighten your deck without bleach and with a product that preserves the look of wood grain.

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