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An essential, hands-on skill for people with wood to cut.


Part of the family for 15 years and counting.


Steve shares his lessons learned after re-shingling a roof.


Steve explains how undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies can harm even the hardiest plants.

steve maxwell running a board through his DEWALT thickness planer

Steve answers the top three queries he’s asked about these benchtop woodworking tools.

Steve Maxwell Sanding Wood Furniture to Finish it After Applying Oil

Steve explains an under-appreciated option for finishing interior wood using a mixture of oil and varnish.


Clean Blades & Bits Cut Better Even the best saw blades and router bits gum up with performance-robbing wood resins, and it takes a specialized …


Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, explains how Lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors boost cordless tool power-to-size ratios to new levels.


Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, introduces us to a sweet little homeopathic pill makes bugs fly away.

bread maker repair using a wire-feed welder

Steve explains how a few minutes in the workshop makes things good happen. is powered by the casaGURU Platform.