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Why You Should Sandwich Subfloor Between Concrete and Vinyl Flooring

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, explains why a subfloor is important between concrete and vinyl flooring in a basement.

Creating Cozy Energy Efficient Cabins

Canada’s Handiest Man, Steve Maxwell blogs about creating a cozy cabin in the woods.

Unheated Cottages Can Have Solid Wood Flooring

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, responds to a homeowner’s query regarding installing solid wood floors in an unheated cottage.

Lacerating Laminate Flooring Requires Special Blades

If you’re planning to install a laminate floor, there are two things Steve Maxwell would like you to understand about cutting laminates.

Radiant In-floor Heating

Steve Maxwell blogs about radiant in-floor heating; a must-have home flooring feature that provides an even, efficient distribution of warmth.

repairing squeaky subfloor boards

Canada’s Handiest Man, Steve Maxwell, outlines some home repair solutions for squeaking, creaking floors.

“Canada’s Handiest Man”, Steve Maxwell, answers a cottage owners question regarding flooring and insulation in a 100+ year old cottage.

In this blog Canada’s Handiest Man, Steve Maxwell, reveals two questions that should be asked before one jumps into an insulation solution.

Steve Maxwell, “Canada’s Handiest Man”, answers a homeowner’s question about inexpensive, paintable, flooring material.

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, helps a homeowner who is concerned about leaks appearing in the basement from radiant infloor heating.

Laminate Flooring Selection

“Canada’s Handiest Man”, Steve Maxwell, answers a homeowner’s question regarding installing laminate flooring in an unheated cottage.

Mobile Home

Steve Maxwell, “Canada’s Handiest Man”, offers his suggestions to mobile homeowners looking to install and finish flooring.


Steve Maxwell, “Canada’s Handiest Man”, helps a homeowner solve a humidity moisture mystery by suggesting properly insulated flooring.

Laminate Flooring.jpg

Laminate Flooring How do you install it yourself?

Radiant Infloor Heating

Prevent freezing feet at the cottage. “Canada’s Handiest Man”, Steve Maxwell, explains about radiant in floor heating in a cottage.


Steve blogs about nifty rubber material that goes underneath carpet to enhance floor soundproofing.

Epoxy Basement Floor Coating

Steve Maxwell , Canada’s Handiest Man, lists 3 things a basement floor coating should do well.

Pine Flooring

Read this blog to find out what Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, thinks about using knotty pine for for flooring.

Have you heard of Eco Clic style of flooring? Canada’s Handiest Man, Steve Maxwell, is quite impressed with this product.