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    Rob cutting SIPs 
    Build to Save 50% in Energy
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    Understanding the Flaw in R Values
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    Better Trim Installation

Watch Steve’s quick video on how to cut and install fancy cedar sidewall shingles as an artistic accent to any exterior siding installation.


Got a building where vinyl siding just wouldn’t look right? Cedar shingles used as exterior siding is an excellent option. Watch Steve show how to create back-of-shingle drainage to boost working life even more.

skylight velux

Want to keep a lot cooler in summer without relying so much on air conditioning? Check out Steve’s 2-minute video tour of how openable skylights can do this for you.

wood fence finish

A long-time reader is about to waste time and money doing something to her fence that a lot of people are confused about. Read her email and my answer:


Let Steve show you what goes into a great new deck or deck finish. You won’t find this information anywhere else on the web.


Food security, great meals and a chance to save money. Root cellars are making a come-back for good reasons.

contractor and client reviewing job plans

Paying contractors in cash is a bad idea that is leading to some unfortunate consequences for Homeowners and Home Professionals.


Wooden handmade doors add soul to the front of any home.


Here’s how to make your attic potential a reality.


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