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Have you ever wanted to build your own house? The story of Chuc and Linda Willson might give you encouragement. The 60-something couple designed and built their own place using local, sustainable materials wherever they could. See how they did it right here.


Watch Steve’s video on installing cast iron radiators in new buildings and renovations.


Ever thought of building your own home? Take a quick photo tour of the stone and timber house Steve built on Manitoulin Island.


Some new homes and renovations are great, and some are crummy. The difference often comes down to the quality of innovation applied to the project. Here are three game-changing innovations that can make homes great.

Building Wrap Thumbnail

Watch as Steve uses a heavy duty breathable building wrap typically used on roofs and how fast it’s attached using a cap stapler.

Flames in the Attic

Electricity is useful, but it demands respect, too. Improper electrical installations can be dangerous and deadly. Spot the safety hazards in actual home conditions by solving cases at and win $100 weekly prizes or a $1000 grand prize.


Do you dream of building your own cabin or tiny house? Need plans and hands-on construction help with videos? Download a free preview of Steve’s cabin building course – Cozy Cabin. It’s the next best thing to having Steve work side-by-side with you on your site.


Planning to finish your basement? Don’t make the mistake so many homeowners and contractors do. Steve’s video shows how to discourage mold, mildew and mustiness by design.


Watch Steve’s quick video on how to cut and install fancy cedar sidewall shingles as an artistic accent to any exterior siding installation.


Got a building where vinyl siding just wouldn’t look right? Cedar shingles used as exterior siding is an excellent option. Watch Steve show how to create back-of-shingle drainage to boost working life even more.