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    Build to Save 50% in Energy
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    Understanding the Flaw in R Values
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    Better Trim Installation
contractor and client reviewing job plans

Paying contractors in cash is a bad idea that is leading to some unfortunate consequences for Homeowners and Home Professionals.


Wooden handmade doors add soul to the front of any home.


Here’s how to make your attic potential a reality.


Red tape and regulation piled higher for tradespeople.


Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, explains four insulation options to ensure your new home or addition is energy efficient.

Trim Frame Joint

Planning on installing trim and moulding? Steve Maxwell outlines 3 main problems with traditional cut-and-nail trim installation and then offers a solution for all.

SIPs panels

Steve Maxwell is a fan of structural insulated panels due to the fact that they help ordinary people create strong, energy efficient buildings.

Joist End Insulation

An in-depth look into R Values on insulation products from Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man.


Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, discusses the decline of people entering trade jobs in Canada.

Lessons for Canadian Homeowners from the City of Canals

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, traveled to Venice and noticed vast differences in how we live in and manage homes. is powered by the casaGURU Platform.