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Steve Maxwell reviews ScotchBlue Exterior Painter Tape and reveals how easy it is to make your outdoor painting projects look as great as your indoor ones.


Do you have an old wooden deck that needs a facelift? Steve offers insights on how to get your old deck looking it’s best. The challenges are different than with new decks, and so are the solutions.

Moldy Bathroom Ceiling Thumbnail

Got bathroom ceiling mold? Watch Steve Maxwell’s video on how to get rid of mold on bathroom ceilings for the long haul. Great looking results that resist future mold regrowth for a long time.

Window Condensation Insulation Thumbnail

Have you ever wondered what you can do about window condensation? Steve Maxwell talks about how the R-value of window glazings is about more than just saving energy.


Kill household mold with these 7 steps for safe and effective mold removal the proper way.


The home lighting landscape is changing and energy saving LED lighting is becoming a more affordable and efficient way to brighten our lives. See why it’s the technology the world will run with.


As cold weather descends, many homes develop wet windows that are prone to mold. But window condensation is a bigger problem than meets the eye. Read here to learn the real risks and discover a solution.


Check out Steve’s list of mold control product numbers from various suppliers across North America. No need to rely on store clerks to find products they don’t know exist. Just give them the number if they’re baffled – and they often are!

wood fence finish

A long-time reader is about to waste time and money doing something to her fence that a lot of people are confused about. Read her email and my answer:


Watch Steve explain how to safely and effectively kill mold at your place. There’s nothing complicate about it, you just need to do the right things in the right way.