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  • Choosing Recessed Light Fixtures

Read about Steve’s experiences using a simple, new method for staining and sealing wood.

New Tools Thumbnail

Never been to a media tool event before? Check out this video. A little like a miniature Detroit Auto Show, you get to see a lot of cool tools in a small space.


Thinking of a bathroom renovation? See how one handy homeowner did an outstanding job using best-practice methods.


Watch Steve’s video on installing cast iron radiators in new buildings and renovations.

basement retrofit plans

Got a cold room that doesn’t work well for food storage? Download these plans and see how to make your space into a mini root cellar.


Some new homes and renovations are great, and some are crummy. The difference often comes down to the quality of innovation applied to the project. Here are three game-changing innovations that can make homes great.

Building Wrap Thumbnail

Watch as Steve uses a heavy duty breathable building wrap typically used on roofs and how fast it’s attached using a cap stapler.


Spending too much on heating? Got inadequately insulated walls in an older home? This little-known DIY technique just may be the easiest and least disruptive way to fix the deficiency and save money.

lead safe paint stripping

Got old paint to remove? It’s probably got lead. Read Steve’s three-step paint stripping process that will get the job done safely.


Planning to finish your basement? Don’t make the mistake so many homeowners and contractors do. Steve’s video shows how to discourage mold, mildew and mustiness by design.