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    Handmade Wheat Adventure
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    Homesteading Lessons Learned
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    Earning a Homestead Living

Food security, great meals and a chance to save money. Root cellars are making a come-back for good reasons.

contractor and client reviewing job plans

Paying contractors in cash is a bad idea that is leading to some unfortunate consequences for Homeowners and Home Professionals.


With the right maintenance and care, a good truck can take you pretty far.


An essential, hands-on skill for people with wood to cut.


Why the decline of this old virtue is something we must stop.


Learn about the last 27 years of Steve’s time on Manitoulin Island, and the two trucks that have been part of the adventure.


Part of the family for 15 years and counting.

little girl playing in a field in tall grass

Steve describes his accidental test to determine if fertilizer really works.


Steve explains how undiagnosed nutrient deficiencies can harm even the hardiest plants.


Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, introduces us to a sweet little homeopathic pill makes bugs fly away. is powered by the casaGURU Platform.