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Window Condensation Insulation Thumbnail

Have you ever wondered what you can do about window condensation? Steve Maxwell talks about how the R-value of window glazings is about more than just saving energy.


Build your own hoop house with these easy to follow instructions and guidelines. Extend your growing season and make your green thumb even greener. You’ll never garden the same way again!


Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to build your own home, earn your living on your own terms in your own way in a rural setting? You’re not alone. Join Steve has he answers questions about modern homesteading from a young man who’s ready to take the plunge.

F-150 Thumbnail

Every pickup truck owner has stories to tell. Watch Steve’s story about life with the two trucks he’s owned over the last 30 years on Manitoulin Island, and the great help they’ve been on the the Maxwell family homestead.


Ever thought of building your own home? Take a quick photo tour of the stone and timber house Steve built on Manitoulin Island.

Blanding's Turtle Thumbnail

Watch as Steve and Jake bring a rare Blanding’s turtle back to the lake.

Building Wrap Thumbnail

Watch as Steve uses a heavy duty breathable building wrap typically used on roofs and how fast it’s attached using a cap stapler.

From chicken to egg - raising leghorn chicks

Watch the transformation of day-old Leghorn chicks into full-fledged free-range laying hens.

Herbs Thumbnail

It’s herb harvest time on Manitoulin Island! Watch how homestead wife Mary harvests, bundles and dries this year’s herb bounty.


Do you dream of building your own cabin or tiny house? Need plans and hands-on construction help with videos? Download a free preview of Steve’s cabin building course – Cozy Cabin. It’s the next best thing to having Steve work side-by-side with you on your site.