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Insulating a Cabin Roof and Floor

In this video, watch Steve explain how to insulate a cabin roof from the top, leaving the rafters and roof boards visible from inside.


Steve blogs about various energy options, such as Photovoltaics, for cabins and cottages.

Find out how to restore the luster to an old cedar canoe in this blog from Steve Maxwell.

Creating Cozy Energy Efficient Cabins

Canada’s Handiest Man, Steve Maxwell blogs about creating a cozy cabin in the woods.

Canadian Plumbing Innovation Keeps Taps Flowing

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, outlines how cottage owners can have proper plumbing all year round.

Small Houses Deliver Big Value

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, outlines how its not as difficult as you might think to build your own small home.

Custom Built Cabins

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, explains fundamentals of building your own cabin, an economical options in today’s frugal temperatures.

Firewood Splitting Tips

Preparing firewood isnt easy work, but the right techniques make all the difference, explains Canada’s Handiest Man, Steve Maxwell.

Cabin in the Woods

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, explains how easy and affordable it can be to build your own cabin in the woods.

Read this blog to find out what Canada’s Handiest Man, Steve Maxwell, has discovered that makes windows look much better.