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Steve explains what features to look for in your power tools and which ones are a must have for any workshop because the better your tools are the productive and successful you’ll be.

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Never been to a media tool event before? Check out this video. A little like a miniature Detroit Auto Show, you get to see a lot of cool tools in a small space.

steve maxwell running a board through his DEWALT thickness planer

Steve answers the top three queries he’s asked about these benchtop woodworking tools.


Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, explains how Lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors boost cordless tool power-to-size ratios to new levels.

chop saw power tool cutting wood - steve maxwell

Steve explains the difference between simple, compound and sliding compound mitre saws, also known as chop saws, and gives some tips to help you select the right tool for your home workshop.

TEK4 Flashlight

Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, writes and raves about Ryobi TEK4 cordless tools.

How Today’s Best Cordless Tools Work Better

Canada’s Handiest Man, Steve Maxwell, believes each new generation of cordless power tools brings us one step closer to perfection.

Stripped Woodwork

Fixing up an older home can keep debt to a minimum. An advocate of old fashioned hard work, Steve Maxwell encourages do-it-yourself home repair.


Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, talks about pin nailers, specialized woodworking power tools that are perfect for creating nearly invisible wood joints.

Incredible Innovations in Power Tool World

Check out Steve Maxwell’s power tool blog on impact drivers and Lithium-ion batteries.