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There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding a $4000 cabin plan on the internet lately. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the author of this ambitious plan was none other than myself! This update corrects some information for a more accurate build.

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Got bad walls to fix? Learn how with this drywall patching video course. You’ll get professional quality results with these essential tips and tricks!

The 3M And Black + Decker wallmaster sweepstakes

Make your walls great with the “3M and Black + Decker WallMaster Sweepstakes” – Win a complete DIY prize package including a wall patching and prep kit from 3M, and the new 20v MAX Autosense™ Drill from Black + Decker (Just for starters!). Enter DAILY to increase your chances to win.


Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to build your own home, earn your living on your own terms in your own way in a rural setting? You’re not alone. Join Steve has he answers questions about modern homesteading from a young man who’s ready to take the plunge.


Ever thought of building a country life for yourself? Join Steve for part 2 of a 3-part conversation he had helping a young man with questions about setting out to build a modern homesteading lifestyle for himself.


Listen into to the last of a 3-part conversation Steve had with a young man wondering about leaving his life in the city and building a home a livelihood for himself in the country.


In this edition of Maxwell’s Tips, Steve answers your questions about getting neat caulking results, doubling the life of your deck boards and using a oil stain to create a repairable wood finish.

Bettina and Donna with tools

The sharing economy is growing by leaps and bounds. Tool libraries and maker programs are a big part of that growth. Learn how you can participate.


Steve explains how the walls in most homes built for cold places are not actually built to withstand their climate. What can be done? It begins with an understanding of this hidden problem.


A genuine need for small, efficient houses exists and is growing. The technology to build modular homes at lower cost than site-built houses also exists, too. All that’s needed is for more Canadians and lending institutions to realize that when it comes to houses, small is an exceptionally good idea.