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Steve explains what features to look for in your power tools and which ones are a must have for any workshop because the better your tools are the productive and successful you’ll be.


Keep your yard neat and your neighbors happy with yard tools powered by a lithium battery. You no longer need the power of gasoline to prune back that growth.

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Ever wanted to build a great clothesline post? Or how about a mailbox stand? Watch this video and learn tricks for using 6×6 and 8×8 timbers for outdoor projects. Suitable for beginners, these tips make a huge difference.


Tell Steve about your garden and you could win a gardening supply prize package and a $50 Home Depot gift certificate. It’s as easy as sending an email.


Enter the Great Summer Deck Giveaway from Duckback, Dewalt, and Stanley Tools to win one of three amazing prize packages valued at over $1200.


Have you ever wondered how to keep your flowers blooming all the way through August? Do slugs bother your plants? Have you discovered how useful mulch can really be? Steve shares some gardening tips and tricks that he has learned from over 30 years with his fingers in the soil. Read and win a gardening supply giveaway, too.


Everything you create in life is only half the story. The other half is you. That’s why great homes always bear the mark of the maker. Leave your mark on your home with outrageous quality and craftsmanship.

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Watch Steve explain his Cozy Cabin video course and construction plans package. It’s been called the best guide to cabin building anywhere. Check it out risk-free.


Take an educational tour of container gardening in pots and hanging baskets as Steve Maxwell and his wife Mary do it on Manitoulin Island. Click here to see.

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Read about the saga of Steve’s clogged septic system and what he did to get it working properly without digging. WARNING: This is serious DIY work. Not for the faint of heart.