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Steve explains how the walls in most homes built for cold places are not actually built to withstand their climate. What can be done? It begins with an understanding of this hidden problem.


A genuine need for small, efficient houses exists and is growing. The technology to build modular homes at lower cost than site-built houses also exists, too. All that’s needed is for more Canadians and lending institutions to realize that when it comes to houses, small is an exceptionally good idea.


Think you’ve seen everything log building has to offer? Think again, as we show you how this Canadian craftsman takes the craft to new levels.

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Never been to a media tool event before? Check out this video. A little like a miniature Detroit Auto Show, you get to see a lot of cool tools in a small space.


Do you find the simple, community-based ways of the Amish interesting? I always have. In this article, I talk about my new Amish neighbors on Manitoulin Island and some of the valuable lessons they’re teaching me.

Compact Waterfront Cottage

Using a beautiful lakeside site example, Steve Maxwell reveals four pivotal strategies that can help anyone interested in building elegantly and efficiently with minimal environmental impact.


Have you ever wanted to build your own house? The story of Chuc and Linda Willson might give you encouragement. The 60-something couple designed and built their own place using local, sustainable materials wherever they could. See how they did it right here.


How to Build a House: Building your own home is technically simpler than it seems, and a classic publication called Canadian Wood-Frame House Construction is …


Thinking of a bathroom renovation? See how one handy homeowner did an outstanding job using best-practice methods.


Winter is a bad time for mold growth on bathroom ceilings. Watch Steve Maxwell’s video on how to get rid of mold on bathroom ceilings for the long haul. Great looking results that resist future mold regrowth for a long time.