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Do you love the look of bright wood on your deck but don’t know how to get rid of the grey colour? Steve shows us how to brighten your deck without bleach and with a product that preserves the look of wood grain.

F-150 Thumbnail

Every pickup truck owner has stories to tell. Watch Steve’s story about life with the two trucks he’s owned over the last 30 years on Manitoulin Island, and the great help they’ve been on the the Maxwell family homestead.

Electric Infloor Heating Thumb

Want warm feet? Save money with reduced overall room temperature and still be comfortable with infloor heating systems. The new electric system Steve tours here is more reliable and a pretty smart control system. Watch and see.


Adding daylight to your home is one of the best things you can do and it’s the ultimate green energy source. Here’s how to make it happen with sunlight tunnels when conventional skylights aren’t an option.


Winter is a bad time for mold growth on bathroom ceilings. Watch Steve Maxwell’s video on how to get rid of mold on bathroom ceilings for the long haul. Great looking results that resist future mold regrowth for a long time.


Watch Steve’s video on installing cast iron radiators in new buildings and renovations.

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Want to build something but don’t have the tools? Tool libraries may be just what you need. Watch this eloquent explanation of the idea and the social movement behind it.

Window Condensation Insulation Thumbnail

Have you ever wondered what you can do about window condensation? Steve Maxwell talks about how the R-value of window glazings is about more than just saving energy.

Blanding's Turtle Thumbnail

Watch as Steve and Jake bring a rare Blanding’s turtle back to the lake.

Building Wrap Thumbnail

Watch as Steve uses a heavy duty breathable building wrap typically used on roofs and how fast it’s attached using a cap stapler.