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lead safe paint stripping

Got old paint to remove? It’s probably got lead. Read Steve’s three-step paint stripping process that will get the job done safely.

wipe-on_poly featured

Here’s a question I got by email from JT. She writes: Question: “Can I use olive oil to finish a teak table? It’s a used, …


A new product that removes some of the frustration of gluing wood boards edge-to-edge.


Success isn’t complicated once you know the secrets.


An essential, hands-on skill for people with wood to cut.


Create a flawless urethane finish on interior wood without a sprayer.

steve maxwell running a board through his DEWALT thickness planer

Steve answers the top three queries he’s asked about these benchtop woodworking tools.

Steve Maxwell Sanding Wood Furniture to Finish it After Applying Oil

Steve explains an under-appreciated option for finishing interior wood using a mixture of oil and varnish.


Steve Maxwell, Canada’s Handiest Man, explains how to select wood grain depending on how lumber was sawn from the tree.